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  • Bookshelf Bear is a Canadian distributor and seller of furry literature.
  • Bookmarfs! is an online fandom-centric book club and was started in 2013.


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08 June[编辑]

  • SouthernCross Gaming (SCG) is a furry gaming community on Steam founded in late 2010 by Rowedahelicon. While it primarily focuses on its Tf2 servers, it also maintains several others such as for Killing Floor, Minecraft, and Monday Night Combat.
  • Byblos, originally named Masque, is a role-playing game site which caters to players of any form, whether furry, human, xeno, mythos, or so on. The site, which went fully live in January 2011 after a 2-year development and testing cycle, also hosts images, chat, private messages, and discussion forums.
  • The Anthrocon Recruiting Song is written primarily by Steve Simmons during and about the first few Anthrocons he worked. The purpose was both to document some of the fun of working the convention and to induce new staffers to join the security crew.
  • Bagheera is a black-toned Indian leopard (also known as a panther) character, first depicted in Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book in 1894 and The Second Jungle Book in 1895.

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  • The Califur Train departs for Southern California each May with a group of Seattle and Vancouver area furries.

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25 November[编辑]

  • The Furry Cruise is an event where furries go on a cruise ship together. It takes place on an annual basis, the first one being in 2005.

3 October[编辑]

2 October[编辑]

  • The Furry Music Foundation is a website dedicated to furry musicians, including its administrator Chama C. Fox, and has numerous songs available for download
  • The Asylum is is an online Flash game by Martin Kittsteiner that takes place in a clinic specialising in the treatment of mentally disturbed plush toys
  • Rage is a CCG published in 1995 by White Wolf featuring werewolf packs battling other packs, evil monsters and trying to save the world
  • Nidhogg is an artist with interests in Norse Mythology who is working on a graphic novel
  • Coffee Night is a furry coffee meet held every Tuesday in Brisbane, Australia
  • Animagusurreal is a furry artist known for his psychedelic and surreal techniques
  • Empires is a science-fiction story featuring anthropomorphic animals and debuted with Yarf in January 1990

14 September[编辑]

Furry is Life

16 August[编辑]

12 July[编辑]

Rapid T. Rabbit on The Daily Show

29 May[编辑]

Ursa Major Awards

The 2005 Ursa Major Awards were announced at Rocket City Fur Meet:

10 May[编辑]

Smart Bunny

4 May[编辑]

And and Aardvark

28 April[编辑]

  • AnthroAsia is a community website for furs and anthros in the Asian region. (Added to April 20's list.)

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22 March[编辑]

The Bestiary

7 March[编辑]

The Social Bunny

27 February[编辑]

Yiffy Yaffle, Forest Ranger

19 February[编辑]

The Tail Underground


24 December[编辑]

13 December[编辑]

The Generic Adventurers

4 December[编辑]


25 November[编辑]

Jalan seen from outer space

17 November[编辑]

Y!gallery logo.jpg
  • y!Gallery is a themed gallery related to illustrations and stories of homosexual male relationships

11 November[编辑]


7 November[编辑]

Avatar Archive

4 November[编辑]


1 November[编辑]

Run and Run!

30 October[编辑]

Order of Potter

27 October[编辑]

23 October[编辑]

20 October[编辑]

Furry Fantasies

14 October[编辑]

Rankin, the barfing raccoon

8 October[编辑]

Nanami and his (or her) friend Michi (Mi-chan)

4 October[编辑]

  • TR Wolf recently appeared on the Funday PawPet Show, where he gave an impressive command performance of Numa Numa.
  • The Meekometer (also known as a Meeko Unit, or simply Meeko) is a plushie unit of measurement used to calculate the relative size of a plush toy. One meekometer is roughly equal to 0.5 metric metre, or 20 standard inches.
  • Dook! is the recognizable vocalization smaller members of the Mustelidae family make, and was also the name that the ArtVark art archive went by during its development stages.

2 October[编辑]

1 October[编辑]

30 September[编辑]

  • A Pong is an often comical and/or embarrassing, written IRC post or paragraph that has an obvious, non-intended, freudian slip. This term originated on the Yiffnet #furry channel, and they were so popular, both innuendo and mirth, that Tet Solfire started collecting the best in Tet's Pong Database.

24 September[编辑]

  • You can link to Wikipedia like this: [[Wikipedia:Article name|text to show]]. Do this for articles that are not particularly furry-specific in nature.
  • You can copy text from Wikipedia to here; just put {{Wikipedia|name_of_their_page}} at the bottom. Do this for furry articles that need expanding.